Trevor G. Gardner, PhD

NCU President


We have all been born into circumstances in life over which we have little or no control.  However, after birth we develop into beings that must decide the path each of us must take.  Some people take the high road and some the low, but each of us must decide the pathway in which we will go.


On that pathway change is inevitable. It is a reality of life. We can complain, we can curse our circumstances or we can embrace our present state, but we have the opportunity to change what we do not like about who we are, where we are and where we are going.


Those who embrace change are usually the most joyful human beings. They embrace it not merely because it is inevitable but because they see the light and understand the might of their own ability to help shape the future. Embracing change means taking responsibility for the

preferred future and engineering the pathway towards that future.


With God in your payload there is no reason not to embrace that joy that can be found in your preferred life. Embrace the change that you desire with the understanding that you can shape your own destiny. The world is replete with men and women who are alive but who have never lived because they have never taken the change they desire into their own hands.


Do not stand on the wayside of life and let time pass by. Hug your destiny and squeeze it into the mould that God desires for you.


Congratulations on this achievement.



                                            “Embrace Change: Life’s Reality”


Many of us would have heard and use the oft repeated adage, that “Change is inevitable,’ or that   “The only thing constant is change”.  And all of us, at one time or another, would have experienced some form of change.  Four, five or even six years ago, when you left the comfort of your homes, and travelled to the cool climes of Mandeville, as you ascended “College Hill” and arrived on the campus of this noble institution, to embrace your chosen career path, many of you would have made the biggest, and most significant change of your lives.  You took on the unknown!


Several pre-Socratic philosophers believed that the world was flat and they thought the world floated in water like a log, but it was subsequently discovered that our earth was round.  Then the most significant change of this era was the advent of the internet, which changed the face of education, commerce and trade, travel, engineering, medicine, and just about every aspect of our lives.  In essence, this invention made our world a global community, but it was only a few short years ago, in 1990, that computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.  Yet we wonder how we ever lived without it.


Now it is time for you to graduate.  The excitement of this occasion never palls to us as Administrators, as we focus on your young eager faces full of hope as the future beckons, nor to you, of course as your prepare to face yet another change.  The reality is that as young adults you are now facing a self-directed life, and aiming to make right choices, as Christian scholars, by, the grace of God.


There is no time for benign self-absorption; life is short, but it may well go on for a goodly time, so I encourage you to continue to hone the skills you have acquired at NCU, and cherish the zeal to become the best at something of worth.  Many attempt to meet success before really working for it, but only in the dictionary does success come before work.


As you traverse this world, you will meet problems, of course, but instead of complaining, remember there is always a way over, around, or through them.  Study problems use the full power of your knowledge – intellectual, spiritual, technical, creative, inspirational – and discover the solution you seek.  So, go forward with confidence and work hard, embrace the changes that life will bring your way, as they are life’s reality, and I assure you that with the right attitude, success will be yours!


Congratulations, graduands, you’ve made it!


Marilyn J. Anderson, EdD

Provost and Vice President Academic Administration


                                Change is constant and change IS life’s reality.


Graduands of the Class of 2016, embrace YOUR reality – the world awaits you with open arms and bated breath.  Your family, friends, supporters, well-wishers, the NCU faculty and staff are ready and waiting to celebrate with you as you change gears…from student to graduate on August 14. You have achieved your degree goals by hard work, commitment, the will and determination to succeed.  You have earned the privilege of basking in the accomplishments of this chapter of your life.


Change awaits you in the next chapter of your life. What will it bring?  Will your sojourn here at Northern Caribbean University prove to have been a game changer? Yes, it will!  Never forget that your time studying here at Northern Caribbean University was a wise investment for your future and it is now up to you to grasp the opportunities to make positive changes to the landscape of your lives.


The culmination of your journey here at Northern Caribbean University will span three days of celebrations, from Friday, the 12th August to Sunday, 14th August, 2016. Participate in all the 2016 Graduating Class activities, cement the bonds of friendship that you will treasure over the ensuing years.  Build wonderful memories of the closing acts of this part of your academic journey.


Please, take careful note of all the information, guidelines and instructions that have been made available on the 2016 Graduation Website. Don’t listen to hearsay; visit the graduation website and read for yourselves. Ensure that you are well informed regarding all the celebratory activities as well as the guidelines and instructions pertaining to these activities.


Congratulations, you’ve done well; blessings as you continue your journey!


Geraldine E. Pinnock, MBA, JP

University Registrar


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