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Information Specifically for Graduands for the Commencements

  •  Graduands are asked to observe all instructions given by the University officials, faculty, staff and graduation marshals. Additional instruction and assistance will also be provided by ushers and graduation event personnel.


  • It is very important that decorum be maintained in the Gymnatorium during the Academic Procession assembly at all times.


  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, follow the direction of the University’s  EMT and Loss Prevention and Risk Management (LRPM) personnel, marshals and ushers.  Always remember to “walk,” not run, to the nearest designated exit whether in the Gymnatorium or en route to or from other simulcast sites.


  • All graduands are strongly urged to review the Wet Weather Plan for the Commencement as well as share it with their invited guests before they arrive on campus.



Wet Weather Plan

In the event of inclement weather, the graduands will assemble in Room S1 and the Student Centre on the

First Floor of the Gymnatorium and await further instructions.


  • No family members or visitors will be permitted into the Assembly Area during the staging and assembling of the graduands.  All graduands are asked to locate the banner/sign for their respective school/college and line up as directed by the marshals in columns of two behind the respective banner/sign.


  • For Commencement only, prospective doctoral candidates should not wear their hoods; hoods should be draped over the left arm for the Procession. The tassel for their hat should be worn on the right side for the Procession.  All undergraduate candidates will wear full regalia for all programmes unless otherwise advised.


  • Female graduands are reminded to wear comfortable shoes as they will be standing for long periods and will be ascending and descending steps.  They are also reminded that dresses or skirts worn under the graduation gown should be no longer than mid-calf.

Graduation is a joyous event!  Who cannot feel the joy of accomplishment?  Who would not wish to shout, whistle, scream and clap for joy?  And yet, we ask that you refrain from the natural impulse to applaud except when indicated, and avoiding such other behavior better suited to the outdoors.  Demonstrating respect in this way, we also ensure that each candidate’s name is heard when called; and by not applauding individual candidates we protect from embarrassment those for whom no one might be available to applaud.  We do request your cooperation in helping us guard the decorum of this occasion.   Remember, the college/school deans will indicate when it is appropriate to applaud.


Remember: arrive early, enjoy your day and CONGRATULATIONS!

Line Formation, Processional and Recessional

  • Participants will be moved into staging position to begin the Academic Procession into the Gymnatorium at 7:20 a.m. for the First Commencement and 1: 20 p.m. for the Second Commencement. There will be one route of exit via the steps from the university greens past the flag pole to the undercroft of the Gymnatorium.  All participants must follow the direction of marshals who will coordinate the movement of graduands. The Academic Procession line will exit four abreast.


  • All participants must maintain their positions in line as the Academic Procession advances to the start point. Once all graduands are in position, on the red carpet, at the  entrance to the Gymnatorium, the Commencement Procession will begin at 7:45 a.m.  and 1:45 p.m. respectively. The Procession will be led by the University Marshal. All Colleges/Schools will be led by their respective Faculty and Student Marshals.


  • The Academic Procession: graduands will enter into the Gymnatorium in single file and each College/School will fill rows of seats assigned to that college/school, as directed by the college marshalls.


  • If any rows are not filled, the next College/School will fill in the next available seats, continuing the process, until all graduands are in place. Participants shall remain standing until all  members of the Academic Procession have entered the Gymnatorium.


  • Late arriving graduands will not be allowed to “cut” or break into the Academic Procession once it has begun.   Therefore, we strongly encourage all graduands to arrive early.

General Tips:

• No one in the graduating class is excused from his/her seat to the outside during the services, except for emergency situations.


• The University regulations regarding jewellery and heavy makeup are in effect at all services.


• Remember to keep a pleasant expression on your face as the events will be videotaped and webcast.


• Since graduation takes place during the summer month, those prone to fainting should carry smelling salts; keep tissue or handkerchiefs and a mint candy handy.


• Please refrain from using cell phones and texting during the Commencements. Ringing cell phones or alert signals are a distraction; even one ringing cell phone can be disruptive to the program. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


• Arrange to have a pre-designated site and time to meet your family members and guests at the conclusion of the Commencement. It will facilitate finding your guests more quickly.


• Graduands, please do not leave your belongings unattended. Kindly note that Northern Caribbean University is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your personal property or valuables.


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