Last Update Aug-15-2017

If you plan to graduate in August 2017:



• Make sure your name is on the Official Preliminary and Final 2017 Graduation Lists.


• Track the status of your graduation application online; monitor the required approvals and ensure that you are on track for graduation.


• If you have submitted your graduation application and your name does not appear on the preliminary list, check with your Department Chair to determine the reason for this omission.


• Ensure that all your required courses (including Language and Content) have been completed and all your grades are entered.


• Ensure that you have financial clearance so that your name will appear on the Final Graduation List and you will be able to participate in the graduation activities.  Take the steps necessary to ensure financial clearance.


• Only persons whose names appear on the official Final Graduation List will be issued with graduation regalia. Pick up your regalia at the Robes Room at the basement of Sorenson Hall at the announced times and dates. You cannot march without the proper attire and these are required at all the graduation exercises (except for the Sabbath School and Nurses Pinning Programmes)


• Doctoral candidates, please remember that you need to purchase your doctoral regalia.  The University does not have doctoral robes for rental.  If you have not yet done so, please send in your orders for your doctoral regalia to the Records Office  no later than April 26, 2017.


• If you were conferred in December 2016 and wish to participate in the August 2017 graduation exercises, please so indicate in writing to the University Registrar by May 31, 2017, and ensure that you collect your graduation regalia on the scheduled dates.


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