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Scope of Bulletin

The provisions of this undergraduate Bulletin do not constitute a contract between the University and a student who commences any programme of study, in so far as it relates to the requirements for that programme, during the effective period of this Bulletin. Programme requirements are subject to change during such period, in response to imperatives of the law or accreditation standards. The specific courses or activities constituting the requirements for any programme are subject to substitution at any time prior to the completion of that programme.


Further, the provisions of this Bulletin reflect the general nature and conditions of the educational services offered by the University and do not constitute a contract or binding commitment between the University and the student. Any fees, charges or costs and all academic regulations set forth in this bulletin are subject to adjustment, cancellation or termination by the University administrators or its Board of Governors.


The University provides opportunities for students to increase their knowledge and skills through programmes of instruction in the various disciplines and through the provision of faculty who are trained and qualified for teaching at the tertiary level. A student’s acquisition of knowledge and skills, is however, contingent on the student’s desire to learn and his or her application of appropriate study techniques. The University does not guarantee that any student who completes a course or programme of study will have acquired the specific knowledge or skills necessary for licensing and certification into professions or professional associations.



Purpose of Bulletin

The Bulletin is the primary general information publication of the University. It is intended to provide information for students and other persons interested in the academic programmes and organizations of NCU. In order to understand the activities and programmes of the institution, it is important for students to know how to use this Bulletin effectively.


Students should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the General Information section of the Bulletin. The section answers questions concerning location of buildings and other facilities on campus, requirements for admission and graduation, financial information, students’ services and housing. The students’ guide to the Bulletin is the combination of the index, the table of contents and the glossary. Major events, holidays and semester schedules are listed in the University Calendar.


Students who have made decisions concerning their area of study should turn to the section of the Bulletin dealing with their particular programme of interest, for information about courses and degree requirements. The reader will notice that colleges are arranged in alphabetical order, with course listings by department and course number.


Students who have questions concerning their academic progress, curricular or academic standing should consult their advisers, department chairs or their college deans. Those with specific questions concerning specialized areas of study should consult the specific department managing those areas.



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