Page 7 - NCU_BEACON Vol 2- Issue 1- 2020
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|   THE  BE A C ON   |                       7

             “Step BOLDLY into the Future”

               President Edwards charges staff and students to make a difference during church service to mark
                               commencement of the institution’s second century in Manchester

        University  President,  Dr Lincoln  Edwards addresses the
        thanksgiving service to mark the commencement of the institution’s
        second century in Manchester, January 13, 2020.
                                                               and attending  Chapel,  and representing  your school
                                                               to the best of your abilities in competition, decorum,

        “Every action we take each day that relates to NCU, is   speech and all that you do? If so, then let it be written
        helping to write the history of this second century of   and let it be done,” Dr Edwards said.
        NCU in Manchester,” Dr Edwards told the congregation
        attending  a  thanksgiving  service  at  the  Mandeville   He encouraged teachers to act “so that when the
        Campus  on  January  13,  2020.  The  event  followed  a   history is written, it will say you represented Christ in
        year in which the institution celebrated its centennial   the classroom, integrated faith and learning, provided
        in Manchester.                                         a model of professionalism and competence for your
        “It is important, therefore, that we begin this historic
        moment  in  the  life  of  NCU with  thanksgiving  to   Challenge Students
        God who has watched over, protected  and sustained     The NCU President urged teachers to challenge their
        this university for the past 100 years, right  here in   students to excellence, innovation, creativity, research
        Manchester,” he told the gathering in the Gymnatorium   as well as life-long learning and to do all to ensure
        on the Mandeville Campus.                              they achieved their goals. Dr Edwards challenged staff
                                                               to commit to providing the greatest level of customer
        In his charge to students, the NCU President implored   service ever recorded in the history of the institution,
        them to perform “so that this year the largest percentage   so all who interact with this institution will enjoy doing
        of students will be in the honour class.”              business with us.

        “Will you act to start a new and enduring relationship   He added: “Will you encourage and support our students
        with your Creator, allowing Him to empower you to do   in their endeavours, helping them to grow and achieve
        usual things unusually well?                           their full potential? If so, then let it be written and let it
                                                               be done.”
        “Will  you impact  your fellow  students positively,
        demonstrating kindness and respect, obeying the rules
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