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6    | NOR THERN  CARIBBE AN  UNIVER SITY                                                                                                                                         |   THE  BE A C ON   |


        AS FATE WOULD have it, West Indian Training School,  Research Output
        the forerunner of  Northern Caribbean  University
        (NCU), started its sojourn in Mandeville, Manchester    The institution’s research output was on display during
        during the second year of the Spanish Flu pandemic in   the early part of this year, with Professor Mark Harris
        1919. As the institution commences another century in   presenting his recent book on climate change to Prime
        this parish, it is again caught in the tailwinds of another   Minister Andrew Holness at Jamaica House (page 23). In
        pandemic -the novel coronavirus of 2019 (COVID-19).     addition, the university held its annual Research Week,
                                                                which resulted in research work by Assistant Professor
        In response  to the advent of  this  pandemic,  the  Dwight Rose being  highlighted in  The  Daily  Gleaner
        University  Administration  has  implemented  several  (page 24). Keynote speaker at the opening ceremony,
        measures  to  ensure  the  survival  of  the  institution  Denise  Antonio,  United  Nations  Development
        (page 10). Survive this, NCU will as it did 100 years ago!  Programme  (UNDP)  country  representative,  told  the
                                                                gathering that universities must drive innovation (page
        This issue of The Beacon covers major activities in the   26).
        life of the university since the start of 2020 as well as
        Centennial Celebration events staged during the latter  This  edition  of  The  Beacon  also  captures  highlights
        part  of 2019. Speaking at  the  thanksgiving service  of Graduation 2019, a high point on the university’s
        to mark the start of the institution’s second century  annual  calendar  (page 34).  Campus  Round-up  (page
        in  Manchester, NCU  President, Dr Lincoln  Edwards  51)  also  provides readers with a potpourri  of life
        charged  staff  and  students  to  step  boldly  into  the  at  the  institution.  This  feature  is  followed  by  NCU-
        future (page 7).                                        in-the  Community  (page  57),  which  reports on the
                                                                various  outreach  initiatives  carried  out  by  different
        In  delivering  the  sermon,  Pastor  Everett  Brown,   sections and arms of the university. The Community
        president of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-   Counselling  and  Restorative  Justice  Centre,  an  arm
        day Adventists, told the gathering that the university’s   of  NCU, partnered with  Region  Five of  the Ministry
        best  days  were  ahead  (page  9).  As  a  fitting  end  to   of  Education  Youth  and  Information  to  host  a  series
        the  13-month long NCU-in-Manchester  Centennial        of webinars to help parents cope with the challenges
        celebrations,  the  university  honoured  scores  of    presented  by  COVID-19  (page  59).  Another  initiative
        individual  and  corporate partners at its  inaugural   is  our  partnership  with  the  Office  of  the  Custos  of
        Partner Recognition Awards ceremony (page 13).          Manchester in hosting the Human Trafficking Education
        To  assist  students  who  were  financially  challenged   Symposium (page 63).
        as a result of COVID-19, the NCU Alumni Federation       As the institution navigates the choppy waters caused
        launched a fundraising drive, via a media-thon on May   by  COVID-19,  we  are  inspired  by  the  declaration  of
        24 to raise US$1 million by August 31 in support of the   the Chairman of the Board issued at the thanksgiving
        COVID-19 Scholarship  Fund  (page 20). The proceeds     service in January: “One hundred years from now our
        are aimed mainly at helping needy students to continue   future is intact because God is. The God who led in the
        and complete their studies.                             past is ready and available to lead us into the future.”
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