Frequently Asked Question

The Library is grateful for all the suggestions made by its patrons, and from time to time will post some of them and the Library’s response. Below are some of the suggestions received and the library’s response to them:
  1. "Take drastic measures in controlling loud laughter and speaking in the Library."
    We agree that the library is too noisy. Students, especially those in university, should be more considerate of others. Patrons who are being affected by the noise should feel free to ask the offending party to quiet down. If the offender does not lower his/her voice, the patron should report the incident to one of the staff members of the library. The library personnel will give the offender a warning. If the offender does not heed the warning, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If they do not comply with the request of the staff member, University security will be called in to remove the offender. In addition, a letter will be put on the offender’s file.

  2. "I would like to take my school bag into the library."
    Locker rental is currently available to any student who wishes to store his / her bag before entering the library.

  3. "How is it that workers are allowed to take their bags into the library?"
    Employees of the University are given different privilege as a condition of their employment. Employees of the institution similarly to students may be subjected to a security check, should the need apply.

  4. "How can you have books listed in the catalogue that cannot be found in the library?"
    There are several probable reasons that the book listed in the catalogue does not appear on our shelves. These include:
    1. Someone has borrowed the book.
    2. The book has been mis-shelved.
    3. The book may be in the Reserve collection.
    4. The book was weeded from the collection or sent for repairs.
    5. The book may be stolen.
    When you are having problems locating a book, please ask one of the library personnel for assistance. Not only can we help you, but also you will help alert us to what may be a bigger problem.

  5. "How late can I get photocopies done?"
    With the card-operated photocopier, patrons are able to make copies for themselves during the library’s opening hours. A student aide will be available to give brief instructions on how to operate the copier, should the need arise. Patrons are reminded to purchase their copy cards in order to use the photocopy machines
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