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Come run/walk for a cause on Sunday, November 26 as NCU FM brings Education and Wellness to Brooks Park, Mandeville.
Enter alone or as a team and win great prizes or just be among the first 200 participants to complete the race and walk away with your medal.
Last year was great!
This year will be greater!
Get ready to run/walk for a cause in NCU FM's Wellness 5K Run/Walk,
Sunday November 26, 2017 Brooks Park, Manchester.

Registration opens September 11.




About the 5K RUN/WALK

Northern Caribbean University has been hosting its 5K Run/Walk for the past ten years, as a part of the annual Health Week celebrations. The 5k was newly branded as NCU FM's Wellness 5k in 2016, as part of a strategic move to strengthen the new Education and Wellness positioning of NCU FM and NCU Television. The Wellness 5K is now a part of NCU FM's calendar of Wellness events, the first staging of which saw over 500 registrants in 2016 showing their support to the initiative.
The Wellness 5k Run/Walk would also form a part of the birthday celebrations which occur in November and would offer assistance to the Manchester Health Department/Mandeville Clinic, who was the beneficiary from last year's event.
The NCU FM 5k Team, comprising  staff and students from Northern Caribbean University and the NCU Media Group together, actively participate in many 5k's across Jamaica, pushing the Wellness message at every opportunity.
The team has built quite a track record over the past two years as the members continue to top the race charts. Participation extends from small community run/walks to major run/walks on the corporate or national level.
NCU FM will this year be hosting the second staging of the annual Wellness 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, November 26 at Brooks Park in Mandeville, Manchester and looks forward to the support from it's listeners.
For more information, call 963 7067, 963 7731 and 963 7735, 9637817 .
NCU FM's Wellness 5K Run/Walk....November 26, 2017. Don't just talk the talk. Let's walk the walk.
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