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Student Finance

Tuition and Fees


Northern Caribbean University reserves the right to increase the charges listed herein, or to add new fees whenever such increases or additions become necessary. All fees and room rents are for the academic year 2018-2019, and are subject to change by action of the University Board of Trustees. The listing of any fee or incidental charges in this catalog does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. As a condition of registration, each student must pay the appropriate fee(s) in effect at the time of registration.


The Admissions Office determines a student's residency classification for fee-paying purposes. If a student is incorrectly classified, he/she will be billed for additional fees owed or refunded overpaid fees.


 The University assumes no responsibility for monies lost through the mail.



Registration and Other Fees


NOTICE: The fees listed below are for the 2018-2019 academic year.


All fees are subject to change by the Northern Caribbean University Board of Trustees.


Changes, if made, will be effective August 1 of the ensuing year.




Application Fee


JMD$1000, International US$55, WIU US $30


This is a one-time non-refundable fee paid by an individual who applies for admission to the University. A student is required to pay this fee when he/she applies for admission.



Late Registration

Students who do not complete registration during the registration period will be charged $1000 on the first day and $1000 each additional day until two weeks after the semester has begun.


I.D. Card Replacement

Each student is issued an identification card, which certifies that he/she is enrolled as a student at the University. There is no charge for the original card. A non-refundable fee of $1,000 is required for replacement. This identification card bears the student's photograph and is required for registration, all financial transactions, library privileges, entrance to campus activities and other identification purposes.


Graduation Related Charges

A rental charge is applicable to students in undergraduate or masters programmes, who rent academic regalia provided by the university for graduation.  If not returned within the prescribed time, it attracts a penalty of $500 per day.


Doctoral regalia has to be ordered by the candidate and belongs to them; the University does not rent doctoral regalia.


Graduation class fees are set by the class executive of each graduating class. These fees are not charged by the university.





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