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Welcome to Northern Caribbean University!

Outlined below are guidelines/instructions to ensure your smooth transition for enrolment in classes.

New Student Registration Guidelines

Mathematics and English Placement Tests:


Students are required to do the Mathematics and English Placement tests. There are no exemptions. For further details, contact the Admissions & Enrolment Management department at 1-876-963-7250,1-876-963-7254 or 1-876-963-7255.


Incomplete Applications:


Applicants are reminded that if they were given provisional acceptance and have not yet fulfilled the requirements for acceptance into their programmes, which include meeting the standard for matriculation, be interviewed by their departments and submission of all outstanding documents, they will not be given a formal acceptance letter at the New Students’ Meeting/Orientation. For further details, contact the Admissions & Enrolment Management department at 1-876-963-7250, 1-876-963-7254 or 1-876-963-7255.


Medical Report Requirement:


Upon commencement of the semester, students will have only one (1) month within which to submit their medical report to the Health Services department. For further details, contact the Health Services department at 1-876-963-7477, 1-876-963-7478 or 1-876-963-7812.

Academic Advisement:



International Students

Student Payment Options

Student Orientation

All new students are required to take the following steps to complete registration for classes:


  1. Upon acceptance an ID number is given to the student (eg. 12345678)
  2. In order to do registration online the student will need to activate their Aeorion account (visit
  3. Click on “Account Activation” link above the Log In button
  4. Complete fields in activation form generated and submit by clicking the “Activate” button
  5. A successful activation notification will be displayed
  6. Click Log In button
  7. Enter ID number and new created password
  8. Click on “register for classes” link under the Registration section on the dashboard
  9. Select Open Registration Period for which you wish to register for classes (eg. 2014 | Fall | Undergraduate | Main Campus – Registration)
  10. Register for a pre-selected course by entering the course code in the search field provided or by scanning through the courses listed. Once you have identified the course, you then click the “Reserve” link to the far right of the course details provided.
  11. Courses successfully reserved/added will be displayed in the “Selected Courses” section of the online Registration page. In this section, you may also click the “Remove” link to drop or replace a selected course.
  12. Once you have reserved/added all your classes, click the “Continue to Next Step” button to view your calculated charges, to pay fees online or by the other payment options available and to complete the online registration process.



For further guidance, please contact your academic department.


International Students are required to report to the International Student Services (ISS) department for processing prior to participating in orientation. For further details, contact the ISS department at 1-876-963- 7399 or 1-876-963-7772.

Students are required to make tuition payments using the following options:


1. The cashier’s office (cheques, credit & debit cards and foreign exchange only)

2. Bill Express (Outlets Island wide)

3. Paymaster (Outlets Island wide)

4. Telescotia

5. Wire Transfer from overseas through the National Commercial Bank: A/C # 504255158; Routing Number: JNCB JMK X 077 050; Address is 6 Perth Rd. Mandeville     6. Local Currency payment through the National Commercial Bank: A/C # 501021520; Routing Number: JNCB JMK X 077 050


For further details, contact the Student Finance department at 1-876-963-7223-9.

New students are required to make arrangements for housing prior to Orientation which is scheduled from August 20 - 22, 2014. The orientation session will be convened in the Gymnatorium at the NCU Main campus commencing at 9:00 a.m. For further details, contact the Student Services department at 1-876-963-7171, 1-876-963-7243, 1-876-963-7172 or 1-876-963-7242.

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