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Northern Caribbean University has an international student body with current representation from twenty-nine countries. It is a government requirement that all prospective students obtain a student visa within the specific time given upon arrival.  Each student must get this extension of stay before completing their first semester. This process is handled by the Department of International Student Services, which keeps a record of all international students currently enrolled in the institution. Consequently, all freshmen are expected to visit the Office of International Student Services within the first week of their arrival in order to submit documents and obtain relevant information.


Students who are of Jamaican parentage may receive a naturalized status after submitting the relevant documents and following the process outlined by the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency. International students must have valid passports, as well as valid open one-year tickets to their home countries. No visa is required for Commonwealth students.


Students are not allowed entry into the country for the purpose of study without the following:

  • An acceptance letter from the university
  • A certificate of good health
  • A sound financial plan
  • A valid passport for at least six months after entry
  • A valid open return ticket to country of origin or a deposit as determined by the Financial Office


International students should also note that the department of Student Finance requires all students from within the CARRICOM states and the Americas to make a security deposit of US$100.00 which is refundable. (The university reserves the right to adjust these fees at any time.)


Visit The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency to get the necessary forms for full immigration processing.  These can also be completed after landing in Jamaica. The Alien Registration Card will be given to the non-commonwealth students after checking in with the International Student Services department here on campus.





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