Welcome to Graduate Studies at Northern Caribbean University. On behalf of the administration, students, faculty and staff we welcome you to this professional phase of your programme. We are delighted that you chose to pursue graduate studies at NCU and we will ensure that your time spent at this institution is productive and uplifting. The first few days of your graduate experience will be busy. In an effort to make this transition easier, please check with the coordinator who will explain details of your programme or check with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research where your queries will be addressed. You may contact us at 963-7401 or 963-7404. We welcome you to the challenges of graduate education.


Professor Paul Gyles

Associate Vice-President
Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Graduate Education is an important component in the programmes at NCU. Today, NCU offers a variety of Masters and Doctoral programmes in six disciplines with over 35 specializations. NCU offers Christian-centred education and essential programmes that prepare individuals to work nationally and globally. The institution has multicultural, dedicated and qualified faculty members that prepare students for their respective disciplines. NCU has a tradition of excellence, so its graduate education coupled with relevant research makes the graduates functional and competitive. We invite you to become a part of an institution that prepares individuals for now, here and eternity. Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information.