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Graduation Application

Dear Students:


You will need to log in  AEORION SMS and follow the instructions outlined there for applying online for graduation.


Applying online for graduation is quick and easy. Just follow the steps outlined and remember to click on the submit button when you have correctly completed the online graduation application form.

Make note of your Graduation Application ID (tracking) number and use that number to keep track of your application status.



Some quick checks to make sure that you are on track:


Does your SMS profile indicate the name of your assigned advisor?  (a) Yes - you are okay; (b) No - go immediately to your department and request that an advisor be assigned and the information sent to Records for entry in your student profile.   No advisor - no approval and your application will not move to the next level!



Submitting Application for Graduation


  1. Log in the SMS (web portal) and selects ‘Graduation Application’ under the Academic widget/section.
  2. The instructional page for graduation will be displayed first for reading, then the ‘next’ button may be selected.
  3. The important graduation dates will be displayed for review, then select the ‘next’ button.
  4. Complete the Graduation Application form that is displayed. The form will be pre-populated with your student information. No student will be allowed to apply for more than one degree programme or submit multiple applications for the same degree programme for the same graduation period. The greyed out fields are not required to be completed.
  5. Click ‘submit graduation application’ for your Academic Advisor's review and approval.


If you receive a message indicating 'Your graduation application cannot be submitted because you have exceeded the maximum credits that you can have outstanding for the elected programme'' which will not allow the application to be submitted, you should contact your Academic Department for advisement towards a resolution.


The following issues would generally result in a student receiving the above-mentioned message:


  1. The courses established in the SMS bulletin for the specific programme of study may not be current and updated by the academic department.
  2. Transfer credits earned may not have been properly applied.
  3. Course substitutions, exemptions and/or pre-requisite requirements may not be updated or properly applied by the academic department
  4. Grades for courses done have not yet been entered by the Instructor(s)


Consequently, please visit your academic department to ensure that the online bulletin for your programme of study is updated.


Editing Application for Graduation


  1. Select the ‘View Graduation Application Status’ under the Academic widget/section on the dashboard to see the submitted application.
  2. Click view details for the selected graduation application
  3. If the application has not yet been approved/actioned by the Advisor, you may select the edit button. Otherwise, the application cannot be edited.



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