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Grade Changes

Students are required to report any grading error to the Office of University Records within two weeks of the receipt of the official grade report.  Instructors may, for computational error or data entry change a grade within one semester after the grade was earned.  For Incomplete grades, the Petition for Incomplete Grade form is to be used for reasons other than lack of financial clearance for final examinations.  Incomplete grades are changed by the ensuing mid-semester or first session in the summer.


Grading System


At the end of each semester, grade reports are issued to students, parents and sponsoring agencies.  The quality of each student's achievement is assessed by means of a system of grades and quality points and the computation of a Grade Point Average (GPA).


Grades are assigned on the following basis for undergraduates:


Percentage Scored






















Grade Point Average (GPA) Computation


After totaling all quality points earned, the resulting number is divided by the total credits attempted, and this final figure is the grade point average.  All grades "A" through "F" are included in the computation of the GPA.


The following grades yield no quality points and are not included in the computation:  I--Incomplete; WP--Withdrawal while Passing; WF--Withdrawal while Failing; NC--No Credit; P--Pass; DG--Deferred Grade; R--Repeat Required; and AU--Audited Class.




Students can access their grades via the Aeorion LMS portal.


Incomplete Grades


Incomplete grades are granted only in an emergency situation beyond a students control.


An Incomplete is not given for:


  • Completion of less than 75% of the class requirements (exclusive of final examinations.
  • Failure of the final examination.
  • Absence from the final examination for other than an emergency situation or as approved by the Academic Board.
  • A low grade to be raised with extra work.


A student must request an incomplete grade from the instructor by completing the Petition to Receive Incomplete Grade form and state the reason for the request. The student should then obtain required signatures and file the form with the instructor.  If approved, the instructor will report the incomplete grade on the grade report as well as the grade which the student will receive if the deficiency is not removed within the time limit.   The students credit load will be reduced in the next semester/session to allow completion of outstanding work.  Additional instructions are cited on the form.



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