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General Information

Academic Dishonesty


Students guilty of examination irregularities such as cheating, falsifying entry documentation, obtaining examinations fraudulently at or before the examination time will have their examinations canceled and will be subject to dismissal.  In addition, students are not permitted to attend classes for which they are not registered


Academic Records


A permanent record is kept for each student and contains the following:  name and address, date and place of birth, ID number, admission data; courses pursued, grades, and an explanation of the grading system, date of graduation, degree, diploma or certificate conferred.


Academic Suspension


If students' current GPA fall below 1.5 for two consecutive semesters, they will be asked to withdraw and will be considered for re-admission only after one academic year has passed.  If re-admitted, the students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 each semester in order to continue in their programmes. Extra-curricular activities must be minimized while a student is under academic probation or review.

Challenge Examinations


A challenge examination may be taken by students who wish to waive certain published curricular requirements, validate credits from a non-accredited college/university or accelerate their studies.  Students who petition to receive course credit by challenge examinations must receive a grade of "B" or better on the challenge examination.  The cost of such examinations is two-thirds of the tuition cost of the course involved.


Students may not challenge courses failed in residence, nor may they challenge courses on the basis of any course taken at this institution.  They may challenge only courses for which they have formal documented evidence of adequate exposure to the course content at the same level.  Credit by challenge examination is limited to eight (8) for an Associate degree and sixteen (16) for a Bachelors degree.


Degree Programmes (See Academic Degrees)


Final Examination Schedules


The final examination schedule is published by Academic Administration.  Students with conflicts are given a specified time to make arrangements with that office.  International students or students planning to go overseas after final examinations, must ensure that they make their reservations or buy their tickets for a date after the schedule for examinations.


General Studies Programme (check with the College of Arts & General Studies)


Identification Cards


All students of the University are expected to display their I.D.s at all times.  A freshman/new student receives it on initial registration.  If it must be replaced, the current charge must be paid on the account.  For further information, please contact I.D. Services.

Non-Traditional Credit

 See Challenge Examinations




Students who are desirous of making appeals with regards to substitute courses, campus change, credit load in the summer, probation concerns, etc may make their requests through petition.  Forms are available in the Office of Academic Administration.


Special Request Courses


The Special Request Course option should be considered only when there is clear evidence of institutional responsibility.  For example, cancellation of a scheduled course or where there is documentary evidence that a student has been mis-advised.  No student may take more than one Special Request course during any semester or more than two in the duration of any programme.  An additional fee equivalent to the cost of one credit is charged for Special Request courses.


A student's petition for a Special Request course must be directed to the Department Chair who will liaison with the instructor involved.  Requests approved by both the Department Chair and the instructor must be submitted to the Office of Academic Administration for final approval.  Arrangements for Special Request courses must be made during the pre-registration period.  A student on academic probation may not register for a Special Request course.


Special Request courses run concurrently with the normal semester schedule, and the normal registration deadlines should apply.  The credit hours for Special Request courses will be computed in the students academic load.  Final examinations must be administered at the same time and under the same condition as other examinations.


Student Records


Students records are retained for their entire tenure at this institution.  The certified documents submitted for application become the property of the university and are not released to the student at any time.  (See also Academic Records).


Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy


Transfer of credit for courses taken at another college or university prior to attendance at this University must have been from a recognized institution.  (For additional information, please contact Admissions & Enrollment Management).

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