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Student Finance

Fees & Discounts: Policies & Procedures


All fees are due and payable at registration.



Application Fee

This is a one-time non-refundable fee paid by an individual seeking admission to the University.



Pre-Acceptance Security Deposit

All new students are required to make a cash deposit before receiving their letter of acceptance. The deposit is held as security until students sever their connection with the university, at which time they receive a full refund, provided no outstanding bills remain. Details regarding deposits are available from the Financial Affairs.



Fee Liability

Breach of Contract

Students will be registered for courses as their sources of funding dictate. As a result, students are liable for all fees associated with all courses for which they are registered at the end of the add/drop period. If fees are not paid in full by the end of the contract period, all courses will be subject to cancellation and monies paid to the University will be lost.



Mid-Semester Withdrawal

A student who begins registration, but fails to complete it, and then withdraws, will be charged a handling fee equivalent to the general fee. When a student withdraws during a semester, the semester's charge for boarding becomes due and payable. Refund of deposits is issued only after a final statement for the student is available. Payment should therefore be expected 30 to 45 days after the student leaves the University.


The sum to be refunded will be calculated only on Tuition and applicable lab changes based on the following:


After Registration Refund


- Up to two weeks 90% refund

- Two to four weeks 60% refund

- Over four weeks No refund




Rent Deposit

In addition to its residence halls the University has a limited number of furnished apartments, which are available to married students, and only by the special exemption the Vice President for Finance & Industries to matured unmarried students. The University also has access to unfurnished one-bedroom studio apartments and two-bedroom flats, which are privately owned, and whose rates are set by the landlord involved. The same policy applies as regards married and unmarried students. Rent agreements and deposits must be signed and paid before any apartment is assigned.


Late Registration Fee

Students who do not complete registration during the registration period will be charged $1000 on the first day and $1000 each additional day until two weeks after the semester has begun.


I.D. Card Replacement

Each student is issued an identification card, which certifies that he/she is enrolled as a student at the University. There is no charge for the original card. A non-refundable fee of $1000 is required for replacement. This identification card bears the student's photograph and is required for registration, all financial transactions, library privileges, entrance to campus activities and other identification purposes.


Graduation Related Charges

A rental charge is applicable to students in undergraduate or masters programmes, who rent academic regalia provided by the university for graduation.  If not returned within the prescribed time, it attracts a penalty of $500 per day.


Doctoral regalia has to be ordered by the candidate and belongs to them; the University does not rent doctoral regalia.


Graduation class fees are set by the class executive of each graduating class. These fees are not charged by the university.


Cash Withdrawals & Refunds

Cash paid in advance on students' accounts may not be withdrawn without the written permission of the individual or organization which originally made the payments. It is expected that such withdrawals will be rare, and that financial sponsors will provide students with allowances for incidental personal expenses. However, bona fide emergencies will be given consideration when accounts show consistent credit balances.






  • Any Paymaster or Bill Express
  • Any Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) branch, or Scotia online bill payment
  • Any National Commercial Bank (NCB) branch
  • The NCU Cashier (8:15-4:00 Mon-Thur. & Fri. 8:15-1:00). Payments are accepted using only bank cards or manager’s cheques or cashier’s cheques. Cheques should be made payable to Northern Caribbean University.
  • Payments may also be made online through the university’s site.
  • If accounts are being settled by mail, following the guidelines on cheques, letters should be addressed to the Director, Student Finance, Northern Caribbean University, Manchester Road, Mandeville, Jamaica WI.




Sibling Discount

A discount of five per cent (5%) of the tuition charges is given where the expenses for two children from one family are being paid by the same person, and ten per cent (10%) is allowed for three or more children. Discounts are not retroactive, and will be granted only to those whose accounts are kept in balance.


For further information please contact the Student Finance Department at:


Telephone: (876) 962-2204 or 963-7223-8

Fax number: (876) 962-0075 or 962-8552

Email address:






NCU FM. 91.1 - 91.3 - 91.5


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