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Changes to Records

 Address Changes


Address changes for students, whether it be local, home or international, for parents, guardians or sponsors, need to be registered in the Offices of University Records, Student Development and Student Finance.  Students that are currently living in the Dormitory and desire off-campus housing, must obtain permission from Student Development.


Change of Campus (check with Admissions & Enrollment Management)


Change of Major/Minor


A student desiring to change the Major programme of study must complete a Change of Programme Voucher obtainable in the University Records Office.  This allows a student to change at the same academic level.  Students who were accepted to an Associate degree who are desirous of studying for the Bachelors degree must reapply to the University.  For additional information, please check with Admissions & Enrollment Management.


Change of Advisor


The assignment of advisors is a departmental responsibility.  Any changes need to be discussed/allowed/reassigned by the Chair.


Grade Changes


Students are required to report any grading error to the Office of University Records within two weeks of the receipt of the official grade report.  Instructors may, for computational error or data entry change a grade within one semester after the grade was earned.  For Incomplete grades, the Petition for Incomplete Grade form is to be used for reasons other than lack of financial clearance for final examinations.  Incomplete grades are changed by the ensuing mid-semester or first session in the summer.


Name Changes


Any changes to names must be registered in the Office of University Records.  This must be accompanied by a notarized copy of the legal document certifying the change.  (Inclusive of marriage certificates, deed poll, etc)


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